Tackling Numbers at St Johns in Midsomer Norton

16 January 2013

Jack Howden, Bath Rugby Community Coach, visited  St John’s Primary School in Midsomer Norton on Monday 14th January to deliver the second session of Tackling Numbers to a very enthusiastic group of eight year olds!

Put together by MBNA and Premiership Rugby, this six week programme has been structured in such a way that it brings fun to the classroom, and helps to motivate and encourage children to enjoy maths.

This week’s session was about polygons and the different shapes that can be found at a rugby stadium.  The class were shown maps of Premiership Rugby grounds to see all the formations used for car parks, terraces, clubhouses etc. The exciting bit was when they were asked to draw their own vision of a stadium. The children thought it was great fun and created some very artistic drawings.

In amongst all the chatter they were heard asking if Jack would be doing tag rugby later.  Tag Rugby is delivered in the second hour of all the Tackling Number visits and the kids couldn’t wait!

Class teacher Liz Hebditch said: “The children are really enjoying having Jack coming into school.  They’re very enthusiastic about the programme and enjoy the mixture of maths and rugby.”

The Tackling Numbers programme is helping many youngsters to look at maths in a different way.  Whether it is measuring the players heights or the size of a rugby pitch, it is all great fun.




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