Tackling Numbers at Norton St Philip

14 February 2012

The Tackling Numbers programme is now into its fourth week of the programme at Norton St Philip Primary School.  The session was open to parents so that they could see how this innovative maths lesson was being delivered.

Caryl Thomas from Bath Rugby explained how the children are inspired through the use of images of the pitch, the players and the matches to learn a variety of mathematical data.

“Maths is a really important life-skill, I enjoy teaching in this innovative way, using the sport of rugby to engage the children.”

In this fourth session they learnt about metric and imperial measures.  They spent some of the time stretching their hands from thumb to little finger along a ruler to see how many centimetres long it was.  In the middle of the lesson Dan Hipkiss, Bath and England rugby play arrived where he joined the children and let them measure his hands and also his height. This was followed by a Q & A session and a few photos.  He thought it was: “A brilliant way to learn, they are having such a lot of fun!”

Caryl will be visiting again after half term to deliver the next two sessions.


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