Mixing Maths with Sport at Farmborough

29 November 2012

If you enjoy sport, then you will also enjoy Maths!  That’s the idea behind the ‘Tackling Numbers’ programme being delivered by Bath Rugby’s Community team in a number of schools around the South West.

Put together by MBNA and Premiership Rugby, this six week programme has been structured in such a way that it brings fun to the classroom, motivating and encouraging children to enjoy maths.

When I called in at Farmborough Primary School recently, it was obvious they were enjoying themselves!  They were full of enthusiasm as they took part in a maths quiz.  Bath Rugby Community Coach, Vicky Heslop, had divided the class into two ‘rugby’ teams, Farmborough Fractions and Team Rugby. As she quick fired mathematical questions to them, hands shot up all over the room – all dying to score that extra try for their team.  

Mrs Roberts, Year 4 Class Teacher told me: “It’s been brilliant.  The children love it. I’ve been really impressed with the programme.  I’ve some incredibly clever children, who when we do maths go to Year 5 and 6 because they are so bright and I also have a group of special needs children.  There are very few in the middle, so we don’t normally do maths together.  These activities have been really good because they have worked for everybody and kept the class together.  The brighter ones have had the challenge they need and the less bright have had the support they need.”

I asked a young girl called AAliyah what she enjoyed when Bath Rugby comes to her lessons.  She said: “I like being in teams.  I also enjoyed drawing a rugby pitch and one week we pretended to buy things from the Bath Rugby shop  - that was fun!”

So, the Tackling Numbers programme is helping many youngsters to look at maths in a different way.  They enjoy an hour in the classroom and a further hour outdoors playing rugby games.  Whether it’s measuring the pitch or measuring rugby players’ heights, it’s all great fun.

A real PLUS for all concerned!

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