It's Crab Rugby at St Andrew's Primary

23 January 2013

It was still snowy in the playground when Community Coach Jack Howden arrived at St Andrew’s to do a School of Tag lesson for Year 4.  Although some of the younger children were having fun outside sweeping up the snow, it was decided that Jack should hold his lesson in the gym.

School of Tag is a five week tag rugby programme set up with The Bath Rugby Community Team in conjunction with the Bath and North East Somerset School Sport Partnership to deliver coaching in and around Bath.  On completion the children and their families are given the opportunity to attend a Bath Rugby match at the Recreation Ground, and the opportunity to take part in a half-time pitch parade.

After a quick game of Scattertag – where no ball is involved and the children just enjoy chasing each other and grabbing each others tag belts - they were introduced to Crab Rugby.

It is brilliant for indoors as you don’t need so much room to play in.  The children all sit on their bums and wriggle their way around the floor instead of chasing around outside.  Jack explained to me that, “Crab rugby creates spatial awareness.  The children identify a space and move the ball towards it being careful to avoid the opposing team! “

They were having a terrific time.  Their Class Teacher, Graeme Barry said: “They love these lessons.  It’s fun for them whether they are beginners or more advanced.  It helps with discipline and team awareness when learning other subjects too.”

Jack will be visiting the school again next week and if the snow has gone they will be back outside – but as a young boy said to me:  “Being a crab has been fun!”


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