Season Ticket Information - Access Control Ticket System

7 September 2012

This season we are moving away from a standard, paper Season Ticket to a simpler, more contemporary Season Card entry system, known as Access Control, which we hope will make life more convenient for our Season Ticket Holders.

We know that our new entry system is a big shift from what we have always done, and that we all will have some adjustments to make. So, before you arrive on Saturday to use it for the first time, we wanted to tell you a bit more about the system and why exactly we are using it.

We hope that this information will go some way toward clarifying our reasoning and making you look forward to using your new card. Once we are into a rhythm we are confident that you will prefer the new system and that your matchday experience at The Rec will be better than ever.

Access Control Ticket System

Benefits to the Season Ticket Holder:

  • It will reduce bottlenecking and therefore queuing time
  • There is a specific Season Ticket Holders' gate on the West Side (river side) of the ground, located between the end of the 6X and Centurions Stand.
  • Slicker, quicker access to the ground should mean that there are fewer late-comers walking in front of those already seated
  • We can load new fixtures onto your card i.e. Quarter and Semi Finals etc.
  • The Season Card is small enough to fit into your wallet
  • There are no tickets to lose and no bulky season ticket book to carry
  • If you want to purchase additional tickets for matches you'll be able to print these off at home, removing both the reliance on Royal Mail and the hassle of having to pick them up on the day

Benefits to the Club:

  • Less demand placed on an already over-stretched ticket office
  • Improved safety due to fewer large crowds outside small gates
  • We will know exactly who comes to what games and who doesn't, instead of just assuming every Season Ticket Holder is present
  • We will know what time the majority of Season Ticket Holders arrive and this will allow us to optimise the reception they receive by preparing stewarding and service staff accordingly
  • It's basically great data for us. This will allow us to be more exacting in the improvements we hope to make to the matchday experience, and the information we send to our supporters


"I normally enter the Rec through a specific gate. Can I still do this?"

This will depend where your seat is. Historically, we had about half our crowd entering the ground through the Riverside Gate, which has presented safety issues and delays for spectators arriving close to KO. Therefore, we have split the ground into quarters and the gate closest to your seat will be your designated entry point into the ground. There is also a designated Season Ticketholders Gate between the 6X and Centurions Stand which can be used by any Season Ticket Holder. In addition to the individual gates, each gate will have a supervisor who will also have a scanner. If you are in a wheelchair, have a pushchair or have another valid reason to use an alternative gate, we can make the necessary changes for you. Please contact the Ticket Office with your details.

"How does the Season Card work?"

You will find a barcode on the left-hand edge of your Season Card. When you get to the gate this barcode will be scanned by the stewards at the gate and you will be allowed entry into the ground – it's as simple as that!

"Does this new system mean the end of Bath Rugby's Ticket Office?"

No chance! This will just improve the service.

"Can the card be used more than once?"

Not for any one individual game. This prevents fraud against the club and multiple uses of the same ticket.

"What happens if I lose my card?"

Should you lose your card you must contact the Bath Rugby's Ticket Office as soon as possible. There will be an administration charge of £10 per card lost, but we will automatically prevent access by the original Season Card and allow you access with your replacement.

"Is the system secure?"

Yes. The system has state-of-the-art security features. All of the data is encrypted, stored securely and is never passed on to any third party.

"What happens with the Thatchers Terracing now it has been split into Thatchers North Terrace – West and East?"

You will be scanned at your designated entry gate to the Rec and then you will be scanned for a second time when you come to enter the Terracing. If you have bought a ticket for the Thatchers Terracing – West, and you tried to enter the East section, this would be picked up by the scanner and you'll be directed to the appropriate the terracing section.

"What happens if I want to leave the Thatchers Terrace to buy a drink or use the toilet"?"

No problem. Your hand will be stamped on the way out, then just show this to the steward and you can come back in.

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