Bath Rugby Foundation launch FAB campaign

21 January 2021

Bath Rugby Foundation are pleased to have launched its FAB campaign during this third lockdown, which aims to support families who are entitled to receive free school meals, along with those who are finding things challenging at this time, due to being significantly impacted by the economical challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new initiative with the aim of helping to reduce anxiety for families during this difficult time by providing food provisions, activity ideas, resources and consistent support.

Families can sign up to receive their regular FAB (Family Activity Box) via the link below. 


What's included in a FAB?

  • Food provisions for the week along with supplies for a FUN food-based activity for the whole family (we'll come back to the activity a little later in this article...)
  • Weekly resources - recipes, equipment, sports equipment, printed resource materials
  • Guidance on play sessions for creativity, fine motor skills and fun
  • Weekly challenges - physical exercise and mental health challenges for the whole family.

    Bath Rugby Foundation CEO, Lynne Fernquest comments: "During a year when we’ve been forced apart, Bath Rugby Foundation’s focus has been to connect people. We know many families are struggling financially and our FAB campaign has two main objectives, to connect people and provide nutritious food to support a whole family’s physical and mental wellbeing. A wonderful extra is to add a huge dollop of fun to the mix."

    How will you receive your FAB?

    The brilliant BRF team and army of wonderful volunteers will be making up FABs each week at Camerton Community Hall, and will then be out and about in the community delivering them to you.

    (We'll try our hardest to let you know an approximate time for delivery).

    Weekly Facebook LIVE - Afternoon wake-up/shake-up and cook-along - Every Thursday during lockdown - 14:00 (approx.45 mins)

    Weekly online food-based activity will take place every Thursday at 14:00 via Facebook LIVE.

    This activity is open to ALL families, even if you are not a recipient of a FAB.

    We'll share details of ingredients and resources needed in advance via our social channels, to ensure that you have enough time to gather all that you need to take part.

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