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Academy FAQs

How does a player enter the Academy process?

Players are primarily selected from the both the Somerset and Dorset & Wilts "Schools of Rugby" programmes and each counties age group representative squads. Players can also be nominated by their schools, clubs, county coaches or scouted by Academy staff.

What is Bath Rugby England Rugby Academy and what does it do?

The objective of the Academy is to provide a coaching, conditioning and education programme to improve the performance of identified potential elite rugby players to their optimum. The goal for each Academy player is to become a professional rugby player.What does the Academy process lead to?

Ultimately, the Academy looks to develop players to premiership and international playing standards and therefore become professional rugby players. Many will not make the top level but could still follow a career in rugby at club level.

What happens if an Academy player doesn't make the grade?

One must assume that we are talking about high quality players, so therefore opportunities will exist for those that don't make the standard at a lower level, most likely in a part time capacity. It is important for players and parents to know that at present there are only 500 full time players within the English system, many of these from overseas. There are currently some 150 Regional Academy players already in the system, the fall out rate will be very high. Hence, coupling the rugby development with a suitable academic and career development plan is a very high priority.

Are the Academy players contracted?

Yes some are contracted but not all the young players associated with the academy process are.

What can the Academy offer?

A player selected for academy entry will be directed into a personal development programme that is geared primarily to ensuring that his capabilities as a rugby player are maximised. The athlete will be supported by academy staff, specialist coaches, sports scientists and other specialists appointed by the Academy Manager. All areas of physical, technical, tactical and psychological development will be supported as well as game understanding, video analysis and a competitive programme appropriate to the player's development.

How can I qualify for selection to the Bath Rugby Academy?

Players are nominated by their schools, clubs, county coaches or scouted by academy staff. Players are also selected from the both the Somerset and Dorset & Wilts "Schools of Rugby" programmes and each counties age group representative squads.
Players selected to attend the Academy will be assessed under four main categories:

  • Skills and elements of competence
  • Fitness
  • Tactical and game awareness
  • Personal attitude

Those selected must demonstrate the potential to become a professional rugby player and the mental toughness/desire to "be the best". Academy athletes will be expected to put "rugby first" and adopt a lifestyle that will enable them to develop into a professional athlete.

Will I still go to school/college?

Yes. It is vital that you pursue your education as well as your development as a rugby player. Rugby players retire early (normally in their 30's) and few will ever earn sufficient not to have to work beyond that. Injuries too can interrupt your rugby career so it is important to have an alternative career path to turn to.

The best rugby players are those who can apply themselves across a number of disciplines. Education/vocation targets will be set and must be met by all academy athletes.

The Bath Rugby Academy will ensure that all athletes are able to pursue the core programmes. This should, in the majority of cases, involve the player in an equivalent of 15 to 20 hours of skills training, technical skills development, conditioning, tactical awareness, and 'active rest' each week. This will normally be delivered during the day at the optimum times for individual player development. In exceptional cases it may be possible to manage this via a mix of evening and weekend sessions with more concentrated programmes planned into school holidays.

Who will I play for?

The competitive programme for each player in the Academy will be personally planned. The Academy Manager working closely with the relevant school, club, county and England coaching staff will advise on a programme of matches geared to maximise his individual rugby development. Academy players will only be required to play for teams/squads that provide levels of competitive exposure appropriate for this development.

Players will play no more than 32 games per season that will include:

  • Club first XV games
  • Club "A" Games
  • Age group matches
  • Representative matches for England or regional representative sides
  • Competitive matches for other local clubs, universities or schools If selected into an academy

Will I automatically become a professional rugby player and play for England?

No. There are no guarantees. Whilst you will be given every assistance, progress to a full time contract and selection for both Bath and England will be down to the speed of your development and your personal drive and ambition.