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9 September 2011, 5:53pm

Up and Unders

Since my last visit to the Sports Centre in Bath, to see the Up and Unders team at Bath Rugby deliver a programme, the group has grown from 6 to 12 children.  The group included 5 to 6 year old boys and girls who had come to the class straight from school.

Charlotte Sacco, Foundation coach and co-ordinator of the Up and Unders  said: “I think it is good when the children come straight from school, a lot of them are at schools in the area and so it fits in well.  They get to run around doing different things, they love it, and whilst doing that they are learning about co-ordination, spatial awareness and making new friends.”

The children were playing Scatter tag where they are given 2 or 3 tags and then they are asked run around collecting as many as they could from other people’s belts.  Catt Davidson, also from the Club said that : “Some children dislike doing this to start with, but once the children realise that stealing other tags is part of the game they start to enjoy it.”

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By Pam Burke

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