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12 June 2013, 5:15pm

Charity Commission Announcement

As you may have seen in the press today, there has been some development at the Recreation Ground, with the Charity Commission announcing that they have given the go-ahead for the "Scheme" that was put to public consultation towards the end of last year.

We are delighted with this decision that marks a significant step forward in achieving our aims of developing world-class facilities at the Rec for all users. Whilst it is very positive news, there are still a couple of issues to be resolved before we can show any design proposals, but we will keep you up to speed on this.

Any new arena developed would have stands on three sides, with the Novia (East) Stand remaining temporary to allow for its removal in the summer, as happens now.

We will carry out a consultation programme before making an application for planning permission, and will keep you updated on this.

In short, this development means:

*   A new trustee body of at least seven Trustees will run the Recreation Ground Trust to oversee the Rec (which includes the leisure centre and the open area to the East of the pitch).

*   Powers given to the Recreation Ground Trust to grant a new lease to Bath Rugby on the land we currently occupy, together with some additional land. This would enable Bath Rugby to redevelop the Rec to meet Premiership Rugby standards.

*   A separate trust created for the Leisure Centre.

We would like to thank all our supporters and the residents of Bath for their continued encouragement.

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