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1 August 2011, 9:52am

Tackling Writing

The focus of this project is to motivate and enthuse pupils to enjoy the writing process and to improve their writing skills.

Each school that takes part visits the Recreation Ground where they are treated to a guided tour of the facilities, interviews with players and activities such as a quiz and ball games. They are encouraged by working in small groups with their teachers in school and by having visits from players to the school to read their work and hand out certificates. Previous years has seen the schools receive free tickets to a match and to be invited to parade around the pitch in front of a packed stadium. All these experiences inspire the children to write stories, poems and match reports.

Tackling Writing is the new name for a previous writing programme run by Bath Rugby which was called Write Between the Posts which was a huge success.

The schools that have taken part in previous years include: Westfield, Threeways, Long Vernal, St. Michaels, St Keyna and High Littleton.

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