1st XV Fixtures

Details can change due to television scheduling. You can also subscribe to our fixture feed or download a pdf version here.

Season 2016/2017

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Future Matches

August 2016
13 Aug 2016Kick Off 18:00AwayYorkshire CarnegieFriendlyFriendlyMatch information
20 Aug 2016Kick Off 14:30AwayScarletsFriendlyFriendlyMatch information
26 Aug 2016Kick Off 19:30AwayLeinster RugbyFriendlyFriendlyMatch information
September 2016
3 Sep 2016Kick Off 15:30AwayNorthampton SaintsAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
10 Sep 2016Kick Off 15:00HomeNewcastle FalconsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTMatch information
17 Sep 2016Kick Off 15:00HomeWorcester WarriorsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTMatch information
25 Sep 2016Kick Off 15:00AwayLeicester TigersAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVMatch information
October 2016
1 Oct 2016Kick Off 15:00AwayGloucester RugbyAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVMatch information
7 Oct 2016Kick Off 19:45HomeSale SharksAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVSTMatch information
30 Oct 2016Kick Off 15:00AwayExeter ChiefsAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVMatch information
November 2016
4 Nov 2016Kick Off 19:45HomeLeicester TigersAnglo WelshAnglo Welsh CupTVSTMatch information
Weekend of 11 - 13 Nov. TBCTo be confirmedAwayScarletsAnglo WelshAnglo Welsh CupMatch information
18 Nov 2016Kick Off 19:45HomeBristol RugbyAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVSTMatch information
Weekend of 25 - 27 Nov. TBCTo be confirmedAwayHarlequinsAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
December 2016
Weekend of 2 - 4 Dec. TBCTo be confirmedHomeSaracensAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTMatch information
Weekend of 23 - 25 Dec. TBCTo be confirmedAwayWaspsAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
Weekend of 30 Dec - 1 Jan. TBCTo be confirmedHomeExeter ChiefsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTMatch information
January 2017
Weekend of 6 - 8 Jan. TBCTo be confirmedAwayNewcastle FalconsAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
Weekend of 27 - 29 Jan. TBCTo be confirmedHomeGloucester RugbyAnglo WelshAnglo Welsh CupSTMatch information
February 2017
Weekend of 3 - 5 Feb. TBCTo be confirmedAwayNewcastle FalconsAnglo WelshAnglo Welsh CupMatch information
Weekend of 10 - 12 Feb. TBCTo be confirmedHomeNorthampton SaintsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTMatch information
Weekend of 17 - 19 Feb. TBCTo be confirmedHomeHarlequinsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTMatch information
Weekend of 24 - 26 Feb. TBCTo be confirmedAwayBristol RugbyAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
March 2017
Weekend of 3 - 5 Mar. TBCTo be confirmedHomeWaspsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTMatch information
Weekend of 24 - 26 Mar. TBCTo be confirmedAwaySaracensAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
April 2017
8 Apr 2017Kick Off TBCHomeLeicester TigersAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTMatch information
Weekend of 14 - 16 Apr. TBCTo be confirmedAwayWorcester WarriorsAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
Weekend of 28 - 30 Apr. TBCTo be confirmedHomeGloucester RugbyAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTMatch information
May 2017
Weekend of 5 - 7 May. TBCTo be confirmedAwaySale SharksAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information


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