Bath Rugby Restrictive Convenant
Bath Rugby Restrictive Convenant

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We have been playing rugby at the Bath Recreation Ground ("the Rec") since 1894, and we currently have a lease until 2069. We take great pride in playing Premiership rugby in Bath; in playing rugby at the Rec; and in being a core part of the City of Bath.

However, our facilities are outdated and do not properly do justice to the City.

We plan to improve our Rugby Ground and facilities at the Rec. The following objectives are at the heart of our plans:

• To provide facilities of which supporters, users of the Rec, and residents of Bath will be proud
• To respect the character of the City
• To respect the essential qualities and integrity of the Rec
• To support the Rec Ground Trust

Although our plans are at an early stage, we will communicate further as we develop them, and there will be a formal consultation process for you and other members of the public in due course.

We are keen to address any administrative or regulatory questions upfront during the early stages of our plans. One such matter is the '1922 Covenants'.

When the Rec was conveyed on 6th April 1922, the deed of conveyance contained certain restrictive covenants ("the 1922 Covenants"). If the covenants were deemed enforceable, they could impact on development at the Rec. We are advised that the covenants are unenforceable; however, we propose applying to the High Court for a declaration to confirm this.

As part of that process we are seeking to contact anyone who may possibly have a legitimate legal interest in the 1922 Covenants, and asking them to say whether they wish to consent to an Order from the Court declaring that the covenants are not enforceable or to object to it.

The PDF entitled "Detailed Note and Legal Guidance in Relation to the 1922 Covenants" relates specifically to the 1922 Covenants and includes the following:

• A note setting out the process in more detail, and providing the legal background;
• A copy of our draft application;
• A form for return to Bath Rugby:
i. Identifying any other persons who may have an interest in your property; and
ii. Setting out your consent or objection, with spare copies for any co-owners.

If you consider you have a legitimate legal interest in the 1922 Covenants, please download the PDF, fill in the forms and return them to the address provided in the PDF. Alternatively, you may complete the form online. We would be grateful for your response by 8th April 2013.

We take great pride in the role we play in Bath life, and we will continue to consult with you and the wider community about our plans and ambitions as they develop.